Web-Based Appointments

Wouldn’t it be great if a schedule of all your appointments were available in one convenient location, accessible where you want it, when you want it?

At Central Communications Inc. we can create an easy-to-understand web-based calendar that you can view from anywhere and utilize to keep track of business appointments.

Wouldn’t it be great if a schedule of all your appointments
Simple & Convenient: Our Web-Based Appointment Services

Simple & Convenient: Our Web-Based Appointment Services

Without a simple and easy-to-use system, scheduling can quickly become a costly distraction. We take great pride in our web-based appointment services from Central Communications Inc. We understand that scheduling is critical to your business, and that staying organized with upcoming meetings and events is a key component in networking and nurturing business relationships. By utilizing a web-based system, we can assure you that your schedule will be available whenever you want it, from any location with an Internet connection.

By utilizing our scheduling services, you and your staff are free to spend more time focusing on the important tasks vital to your company’s success. We will organize all the appointments so that you can simply consult your calendar to know exactly what’s on the agenda. Additionally, we’ll ensure that you’re swiftly notified of any updates or changes made to the schedule. You are free to access and make changes at any time as well, for example, to block off vacation time, schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments, add notes or specific descriptions to individual appointments or to assign the appointment to a specific member of staff.

With our 24/7 call answering service, we can set up appointments at any hour. This is especially useful for companies who work with clients all over the world that are located in a different time zone.  

Additionally, we can provide you contact information such as phone numbers and directions for the location of the appointment. Feel secure in our ability to ensure that you are prepared for each and every business event that comes your way!

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