Sheri Testa,
Partner Testa Refrigeration, LLC
Danbury, CT

"Our company has been in business since 1989. Until 2005, we used a local answering service until it was bought by a national company. This transition was a nightmare for our service company! Calls were rerouted to offices as far away as Binghamton, NY with attendants answering who had no relationship with us, lost messages, and dropped calls.

Fortunately, at this time, the owners of CCI were marketing their company in our area, for which we are profoundly grateful. Not only does CCI offer professional and courteous service, their agents take a caring attitude towards our customers and our business. Their staff is always willing to help, adjust, or listen when we need them. We could not be more satisfied."


Frank Cortese, Manager
New England Oil Company

"Dear Ann:

We at New England Oil Company would like to commend you and your team for the great job you do for us. We came from an answering service that certainly did not reach CCI's level of professionalism and caring.

In addition to being very good at what you do, you also have benefited our company by saving us a lot of money and still continue to provide quality service.

Thank you for all of your hard work!"

Jean Tsaparakis
Office Manager
Park Street Pediatrics, LLC
Norwalk, CT

"Our office has been using the services of Central Communications, Inc. (CCI) for over 7 years. I have found them to be very helpful and accommodating. They have a training program whereby their staff are constantly trained and learn how to handle all situations. It is easy to work with management regarding any concerns or preferences our office has in order to make their system interface best with how we function.

Over the years, we have found that CCI has insured that our costs have stayed reasonable while maintaining professional and courteous service for our customer base. Our office has very specific needs and CCI works very well with our office to meet these needs.

Having compared CCI to other services in the industry, we feel very happy to have found CCI, and we enjoy working with Ann Cadin and the rest of the staff. Other services require you to conform to their way of doing business, assuming you will reconfigure your office. Some will even assume that any "problems" are automatically attributed to your office, getting into the "blame game". These are issues that I have never had to deal with during my association with CCI. When an issue does arise, I find that we have a partnership whereby we work together to find the best way to resolve any minor issues in order to prevent any recurrence in the future. The benefits on both sides are great."


This is an answering service I can count on.


Lisa Palumberi
New England Carting

"My company has used Central Communications for several years. They are completely reliable, very friendly to my customers and very accurate with their information. We are in the business of obtaining new customers on a daily basis, Central Communications always relays these calls directly to the appropriate party so a call can be returned promptly. I highly recommend them as an answering service."


Elise Culver
Customer Service Manager
Service Directions, Inc.

"Central Communications is my extended customer service department. During off hours our calls are answered timely, professional and the reps are extremely helpful. After visiting their facility and reviewing their capabilities they were given access to our online revaluing system to assist our customers 24/7 365 days a year which has thrilled our customers and increased business revenue. In fact after receiving this access they were able to flag a potential problem and called to alert me immediately (with no prior instruction to do so). That forward thinking is what makes Central Communications a leader and what will keep our business with them."

"Because of the delicate nature of our services, it is essential for us that our hotline's first responder is sensitive to the people we serve and quick when reaching out to counselors on call.

Central Communications, Inc. often exceeds our expectations. Their professionalism provides us with the peace of mind of knowing that our hotline service is in good hands."


Jim Hickey
General Manager
Gault Energy

Partnering with Central Communications has been a positive experience for our customers and us. Their attention to detail in all areas of our business has been outstanding.

Everyone at Central Communications represents Gault Energy & Stone with the same high level of professionalism as our employees. We are confident leaving our customers in their hands.


Mike Gill
Economy Fuel LLC

Enlisting Central Communications as our answering service several years ago was one of the best business decisions we have made. Their responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to handle any situation is second to none. Their employees screen calls efficiently, effectively and most importantly accurately based on constantly changing criteria.

Their overall professionalism is outstanding and they are fantastic representatives of our company.

Anybody looking for this service would be doing themselves and their customers a disservice by not reaching out to Central Communications. I never hesitate to refer customers and colleagues to them as I know first-hand the level of service that they provide.