Order Entry Processing

Maximize the potential for customers to work with your business.

In today’s market an online presence is a vital aspect of the business model. This is especially true if you sell a product or service which can be purchased through your website. While online ordering and processing has streamlined the way that many customers make purchases, other customers still prefer to place order through the phone.

Offering customers this ordering possibility is great for keeping as many options open as possible, however, if you or your staff is spending significant amounts of time entering and processing orders this can discourage efficiency and perhaps cost more than the sale is worth.  

So what do you do?

Maximize the potential for customers to work with your business
Streamlining Order Entry Processing: Our Services

Streamlining Order Entry Processing:
Our Services

As an extension of your business, outsourcing order entry processing to our call center will allow you to better find new clients as well as serve your existing ones. Maintaining the option of ordering through the phone caters to customers who perhaps are not adept at online ordering or feel more comfortable purchasing from a real person. For the customers that fit into this category, this personal attention can mean the difference between a purchase from you and one from a competitor.

Additionally, by outsourcing order entry to Central Communications Inc. you can be sure that no opportunity will be passed by. Our 24/7 call center will take phone orders all day, everyday. Similar to an online marketplace, your customers can place orders over the phone whenever the like. As well, we can also provide around the clock support and assistance for online purchases, making each customer feel cared for and increasing transparency for your company.

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