Would your business benefit from a 24/7 phone coverage, yet your budget doesn’t yet allow for a live phone answering service?

At Central Communications Inc. we have the perfect solution: our 24/7 automated voice mail service.

With our service you can record a professional, inviting greeting that introduces your company to callers and informs them of specific information. Should they require immediate assistance we also offer the option of a live operator in the event of an emergency. Each recording is 100% customized to your business – so you can add a personal touch without the expense of 24/7 live answering coverage.

Voicemail/ Announcements
Simple, Cost-Effective Method: Our Voicemail Services

Simple, Cost-Effective Method:
Our Voicemail Services

Setting up your company’s voicemail is a task that you could do yourself, but with our services you gain a vital added component: the possibility for 24/7 live coverage in case of an emergency. Should a customer have a major problem outside of your business hours, rest assured that one of our agents will be able to handle the issue with the same level of professionalism and customer service you expect from your own employees.

In the event of an emergency, we also offer the possibility to change outgoing messages to reflect the most up-to-date situation. This is also available for special announcements.

Giving Your Customers Options

This method also gives the caller the option to choose what method works best for them. We will set you up with a custom voicemail service, voicemail menu service or a standard  mailbox. You can set up as many mail boxes as your company requires and these can be used with our call center. Should you want to check your messages, simply access your company’s secured voicemail from anywhere in the world.

While the voicemail service doesn’t provide the same level of customer care as a 24/7 live answering service, it still has benefits. Firstly, a professional mailbox gives your company a certified appearance, and shows that you took the time to ensure customer calls are handled with care. As well, a voicemail services is less costly than a 24/7 live coverage service.

Customized Answering Services

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