Choosing the Right Answering Service for Your Business


If you’re searching for a simple way to save on expenses, improve your customer service experience and help your employees make the most of their skill sets, an answering service just might be the solution you need. This simple yet powerful service is a great way to both attract and retain customers, ensuring they can get the help they’re looking for, even outside of normal business hours. There are actually several options to choose from to suit your company’s unique needs, so consider these main types as you plan for your business.

Traditional Answering Services

This option allows your customers to interact with a live person when they try to reach your business. With this type of service, call representatives usually have a script to follow and are able to take messages or schedule appointments. If the call is made during office hours, the service may even allow for a transfer to the right department or individual.

Specialized Answering Services

If you need a call representative with the expertise and training to answer questions related to your business, you may want to opt for a specialized answering service. This is a particularly popular option for medical and dental offices, where you can often expect to receive urgent or emergency calls.

Private Branch Exchange/ Auto Attendant Services

This option is for companies with multiple departments or employees who simply need a service to direct callers to the right person. While the automated response service isn’t at the top of the list for customer service, it is economical and efficient.

Virtual Reception Services

If you’re looking for a receptionist who doesn’t need to be on-site, this could be an excellent option for your business. These representatives are usually trained to handle all of the duties of a receptionist without you having to hire one yourself. You can also enjoy many online options, such as text, email and chat.

If you’re not sure which answering service is right for your budget and goals, talk to a professional from your company of choice. They can help you make the best decision to move your business forward.