24/7 Help Desk

A natural disaster closes your office for a week. A product is recalled. A power outage shuts off your communication...

What could happen if you're not there when your customers need you the most?

With our 24/7 help desk, we’ll make sure you never have to find out the answer to this question.

While it’s very important to provide support for your customer’s everyday inquiries, being available in the case of an emergency will separate your business from the competition. At Central Communications Inc. we guarantee 100% support for your customers whether you are able to operate or not.

What could happen if you're not there when your customers need you the most
24/7 Help Desk: We're Always There For You
Our complete list of help desk services include

24/7 Help Desk: We're Always There For You

In an emergency situation, business operations can be severely compromised and interrupted. Rest easy knowing that no matter the situation, we’ll be there to provide the support you and your customers need.

Our complete list of help desk services include:

  • Natural disaster: Mother Nature strikes and you’re unable to conduct business operations as usual – we’ll keep you connected. Our services range from both customer oriented – such as answering phones, responding to questions and providing support – to employee oriented – for example informing employees that the office will be closed or forwarding calls to the proper employee. Our building is equipped with two power generators to automatically provide power during any emergency event.
  • Technical problems: Your Internet has gone out, a power line is down in the area or perhaps you’re having trouble accessing one of our services. Rest assured that we are not only here to support and inform your customers should you have a technical problem, but we are also here to support you – 24/7.
  • Product recall: A product recall is challenging enough. We ease the complication by providing a 24/7 help desk that can handle large volumes of calls – being an extension of your company, answering consumer’s questions and providing them with the support they need. This protects your business and ensures customers that you are there to support them no matter what the situation.
  • Crisis services: Our services extend to crises situations including crisis center hotline for sexual assaults and night nurse triage answering services for both adults and pediatric.
  • And more!

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24/7 help desk services. We’re here for your business when you need us the most.