Message Delivery and Retrieval

Running a business is stressful and requires intense multitasking.

While missing a message may have been completely unintentional, this action could have negative consequences for your company – such as a missed sale or opportunity for collaboration.

With our comprehensive and flexible message delivery and retrieval services from Central Communications Inc. you’ll always be informed and up to date on exactly what your customers and business partners need.

Message Delivery & Retrieval
Confidential, Flexible & Reliable: Our Message Delivery And Retrieval Services
Confidential, Flexible & Reliable: Our Message Delivery And Retrieval Services

Confidential, Flexible & Reliable: Our Message Delivery And Retrieval Services

For more than 30 years, we have efficiently delivered messages to all of our valued clientele. We will send confidential messages to whichever device you prefer to be retrieved at any time, from any location. Our flexibility begins at the inbound message, which can be received by us either via email, pager, telephone or fax.

We will then forward the message to you through a number of convenient channels (as specified by you) including:

  • Email: We can dictate voice messages into written text to be sent to your email clearly and efficiently. As well, if a customer has sent a mail to a different box, we’ll make sure it gets to you quickly.
  • Telephone: We offer a few options to send messages via telephone. Firstly, we can call your home phone or cell phone and clearly relay important messages. Should you choose, we will only contact you via this method for the most urgent calls. We can also confidentially connect callers with your phone or voicemail so that you can receive the direct message yourself. Additionally, should you wish to return the call after we have relayed the message we can directly connect you.
  • Voicemail: Our agents can clearly dictate all messages to your mailbox to be retrieved at your earliest convenience.
  • Text message: Along with email, text messages are a simple and easy way to keep track of messages. This message service allows you to quickly attain all pertinent information and also provides documentation.
  • Pager: Following your instruction, our agents will alert you with urgent calls, all calls or only specific ones as indicated previously.
  • Fax: Receive a tangible message 24/7 so that you can have all the important documents whenever you need them. 

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