Have you ever printed out 1,000 brochures, only to discover a mistake? 

Perhaps sent a business document to an important client, only to realize there are spelling or grammar errors?

These types of errors cannot only be incredibly costly, but also reflect badly on your business, and could make the client question your legitimacy and professionalism. Spell check doesn’t catch every single error. Professional, polished business documents need to be properly proofread by a professional – a real person. Send us your document today and we’ll guarantee it’s ready for print.  

Benefits of a Hiring a Professional Proofreading Service
Here are some of the biggest benefits our service provides

Benefits of a Hiring a Professional Proofreading Service

Why spend money on a service that you could theoretically do yourself? We're confident you'll be more than satisfied in our professional proofreading services.

Here are some of the biggest benefits our service provides:

  • Save time: Proofreading a document carefully and accurately takes time. A lot of time. Time that you could be devoting to other aspects of your business. We will never rush through proofreading your document. We ensure that all the necessary time is taken to examine each component, with a close attention to detail. We also provide you with an estimate of the amount of time required and thus the cost of proofreading the document, working efficiently as possible to ensure the job is done to your quality specifications.
  • Save money: Yes, professional proofreading services cost money. And yes, maybe you could do the job yourself. But have you considered what you could be doing instead of proofreading the document? Perhaps the time you spend proofreading could be more lucratively spent somewhere else. In addition, our professional proofreaders have the experience and skills to catch even the tiniest mistake – a mistake that may cost you money in the long run.
  • Guaranteed accuracy: We ensure that your document is ready to send to the printer – with no mistakes and need for revision. We check every aspect of the material including: grammatical errors, typing mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation, misplaced commas, quotation mark misuse, tenses and run-on sentences. As well, we'll provide recommendations for readability.

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