Tired of stuffing envelopes? Thinking of all the other, more profitable activities you could be doing instead?

Let us take care of all your mailing projects for you.

Send us your letter and mailing list and we’ll take it from there. Letters will be sent out on the requested date and we will send you verification by email. It’s as simple as that.

Benefits of Hiring a Direct Mailing Service
While the email and social media marketing

Benefits of Hiring a Direct Mailing Service

While the email and social media marketing has firmly cemented itself as a cost-effective and productive method of reaching your target market, direct mailings still provide a set of inherent competitive benefits.

Instead of spending your time with the monotonous task of stuffing and addressing envelopes, let us do the work for you. That way you can enjoy the benefits of direct mailing without the hassle of all the work!

  • More personal: Direct mailings provide a personal touch that isn’t felt with generic emails. You can specifically target a group of people – whether they are loyal, long-term customers or new prospects – and let them know you’re interested in their business.
  • Mail is tangible: If you want your product or service to really stick out among the rest, a direct mail can be the perfect method! A tangible letter or brochure will stick out in their mind. Maybe they can pass this along to friends as well.
  • Mail in multiple formats: While emails can generally just take on one format, a direct mailing can come in a wide variety – postcards, brochures, magazines, catalogues and more. Customize each mail to the specific customer group and perhaps add coupons that they can use to purchase your products or services.
  • Direct mailing supports other marketing methods: Some customers, especially those who were raised in an era that did not have email, are more familiar with direct mailings. But this doesn’t mean you can’t also include an online marketing campaign as well. The direct mailing can provide the support for customers who prefer this method, by, for example, including your web site domain or twitter handle on the piece of mail. This way you reach the widest customer base possible.
  • Mail is professional: If you’re sending out letters to important clients, providing them with a piece of tangible mail adds legitimacy and professionalism to your brand.

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