A Letter from CCI's Founder

Peter Orvis

Over 30 years ago I founded Central Communications, Inc. to fulfill a common need shared by all businesses that desire to attract new clients while expanding business with current clients:

Whenever a client or prospect calls—24/7—the phone needs to be answered in a way that creates a positive and lasting impression. And this needs to happen at an affordable cost!

So we began to assemble a dedicated bi-lingual call center staff. We trained them to provide a customized response to the callers of each of our client businesses. We created individual call handling protocols specifically designed to meet the requests for assistance that callers made to those businesses. We trained and retrained our call center staff, continuously.

To ensure our call center staff consistently delivered the highest service levels that would exceed all expectations, we developed and retained experienced operations management and team leaders. But even the best call center personnel need very reliable technology to sustain the highest quality, uninterrupted connection for our clients and their business customers. To meet this requirement, we built our Norwalk, Connecticut Call Center to include fully redundant Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). And we equipped the entire building with two (2) interconnected generators to automatically power all equipment without interruption, in the event of utility failure or other disaster.

So successful have we been in fulfilling our mission: "to provide businesses with the exceptional people, services, and the technology to fulfill their customer's needs at all times round the clock", that for twelve consecutive years, our staff has been recognized with the Award of Excellence issued by our call center industry – The Association of Telemessaging Services International. With over 30 years providing call center excellence for businesses throughout the US, we continue to improve on the basics: Exceptional operators supported by the best technology available. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life to have led Central Communications, Inc. from a small regional telephone answering service to industry leadership as a highly sought after national call center, delivering successfully on our original goal: That whenever a client or prospect calls—24/7—the phone will be answered in a way that creates a positive and lasting impression, at an affordable cost.

Give us a call at 203-846-4343, or 800-397-8809 to discover how we can help you to build your business!
Peter Orvis - President