Selecting the Right Outsource Call Center for Your Company

Answering Service

If your business receives or makes a high volume of calls on a consistent basis, it may be time to hire a call center. Despite popular belief, call centers aren’t just in the business of making sales calls. Instead, many centers offer a plethora of services, including answering services, redirecting services, sales services and even accounting services. Before you go out and hire the first call center that pops up on Google search, consider these tips for outsourcing your phone needs:


The Services You Need

Many centers specialize in one or two areas. For instance, one center may specialize in making sales calls, while another is in the business of redirecting customers and placing them on hold (with friendly music, of course!). If you need a company to lend a hand with your after-hour calls or your day-time call volume, a company that specializes in sales calls wouldn’t be of much help, and vice versa. When researching call centers, make sure the ones you are interested can provide the services you need.


The Style of Service

Just because a call center offers the services you need doesn’t mean they’re a great fit for you. Before you hire a company, make sure that the customer service it provides is up to par. If you want a center to make sales calls on your behalf, schedule a few trial runs. Make sure the representatives you speak with know the difference between persistent and pushy and that they are polite and friendly throughout the entire conversation. A rude customer service representative is a poor reflection on your company.  


The Anticipated Call Volume

If you hire a call center to help you manage the increasing number of calls you get both day and night, it will not serve you well to work with a small organization that operates within the typical 9-5 work hours. Make sure the call center you hire is equipped to take on more work.


Call centers can be a tremendous asset to businesses everywhere, but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. To find the right center for your business, consider services, style of service and your anticipated call volume before hiring.