The Business Benefits of Working With a 24-Hour Answering Service

While consumers aren’t always a fan of an answering service, they can be revolutionary to your business. It is generally impossible for business owners to provide 24-hour service to their consumers, and yet you don’t always know when your client is going to have a need they would like addressed. There are several benefits from working with a 24-hour answering service.

More Personalized Attention

Automated phone services can be frustrating to deal with, and your clients may hang up rather than working their way through a series of push-button commands. Personalized answering services let your clients speak to real people rather than leave a message or get lost in robotic voice commands. Your customers will feel more confident that you will deliver exceptional, reliable service any time of day when you have caring support personnel on the other end of the phone.

More Business Relevance

Clients will only remain loyal if your business is meeting their needs. Problems don’t always wait until the ideal business hours of Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Your customers may need immediate attention on holidays or weekends, and if you can’t deliver the attention their problems deserve, you may lose them altogether. Responding to their inquiries or concerns with a real person shows how much you value your relationship with them.

More Customer Satisfaction

The business world is highly competitive, and customer satisfaction makes a difference between you and your competition. When a customer call goes unanswered or a client spends 15 minutes trying to work through an automated voice response, you lose ground in the area of customer satisfaction. The slightest unhappiness could have your clients considering alternatives for the service or product you offer. A 24-hour, real-person answering service avoids this likelihood.

With your customers happier and more calls being answered, you should see both an increase in customer loyalty and revenue. These are benefits that are sure to grow your business and give you staying power in the market. A 24-hour answering service is a great business strategy.