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Understanding Call Center Analytics to Improve Your Business

Answering Service

The internet has transformed how people communicate. Now, a customer can leave a review online that countless people read. It is more important than ever for call centers to provide top- notch customer service to create a good impression for existing and potential customers. Companies are wondering how they can provide a personalized experience with each client while operating within a budget. Understanding advanced analytics is integral in planning a successful strategy.


The Basics of Advanced Analytics

Companies typically collect a wide variety of data such as call-related data, employee-related data and training metrics. Unfortunately, this treasure trove of information often sits isolated and unused. If tapped and analyzed correctly, call centers can use it to identify how they can improve.


Marketing, sales and product development departments can also benefit from this information. If implemented intelligently, advanced analytics can create new revenue opportunities and help you to restructure your company for better efficiency, all without extravagant costs.


How to Properly Manage Your Workforce

Professionals spend a significant amount of time thinking about staffing decisions. To determine an optimally-productive and cost-effective staff number, they must consider the following:


  • Call volume forecasts
  • Product or service launches
  • Promotional events
  • Average call handling and call abandonment rates
  • Seasonal and holiday offers


With solid numbers by their side, company leaders can confidently determine the next steps. Analytics that are years old can prove to be beneficial. In fact, call centers have reduced their manpower by as much as 8 percent and saved millions of dollars by implementing strategies based on in-house data. Similarly, the data has guided businesses to improve their employee training methods. Companies have reduced the time spend on resolving issues by as much as 20 percent, which is a significant boost in customer satisfaction.


For call centers to receive positive online reviews, they must surpass their clients’ expectations. Advanced analytics can drastically improve businesses for the better. Professionals are standing by to assist in analyzing data and forming a plan.