The Many Forms of Call Centers

Many call centers in the past were located somewhere near the center of the geographical area they covered. These centers were typically filled with closely packed cubicles where agents spent their days answering inbound calls or making outbound calls. Today, this picture has changed quite a bit. Modern technology has made it possible for business owners to choose from several alternatives.

Remote Agent Calling

Remote agents can work from basically anywhere if they have reliable computer and telephone connectivity. These agents use their own computers to connect with their company networks and handle inbound or outbound calls as they would if they were working in a brick-and-mortar setting. There are several important advantages to choosing remote agents:

  • Less hiring expense
  • Reduced operational expenses, including office space, equipment, and supplies
  • Decreased insurance costs

The agents also benefit from the chance to choose or create their own work environment and reduce their own costs associated with commuting to work or buying clothes to satisfy a dress code.

Virtual Teams

These agents may work in a brick-and-mortar setting or meet virtually. Teams are made of small groups of agents who provide each other with support and backup as they need. These groups offer many of the same benefits of remote calling while adding in support from a close team.

Beyond-the-Phone-Call Agents

Some agents do a lot more than answer or make calls. Whether these agents work from physical call centers or from their homes, they may respond to emails, engage in online chats, and handle other communication through the internet.

Temporary Teams

The agents on temporary teams are generally called in when the workload at a center becomes heavy. In most cases, businesses can predict when they will be busier, such as during or after certain holidays. Temporary call agents may be hired for a certain number of weeks or on an as-needed basis.

As business owners recognize the important role of call centers and become aware of the many options available, they may find it easier than ever to add these services. How would you use call center services to improve your business?