Benefits of a Virtual Call Center

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Businesses use a variety of methods to cut costs, streamline processes and improve customer service. As technology advances and company needs expand, mobility and flexibility are crucial. A virtual call center enables companies to add staff without expanding existing physical facilities. Here are five benefits over a traditional brick and mortar facility.



  • Use of Remote Agents

Adding office space is costly, from the resources needed to keep it running to the equipment for the representatives. Turnover is typically higher for traditional centers when compared to other industries, so training new hires may be an on-going requirement. Agents can be employees, temporary contractors or entirely outsourced and the flexibility is appealing, which can reduce turnover.



  • No Geographical Limitations

A virtual call center enables you to have agents dispersed in different areas and regions. Also, by not requiring them to be in one centralized location, you can pull from a larger talent pool to get the skills and experience you need. By having employees in different time zones, it’s easier to manage schedule preferences, enabling you to offer extended service hours.



  • Increased Productivity

Using a system developed specifically for a virtual center means that you will likely have access to features that can improve the productivity and efficiency of your agents. A simple, straightforward user interface provides the ability to prioritize calls, offers real-time monitoring and time-based routing. Data based on specified Key Performance Indicators enable managers to provide feedback in areas that weigh the most.


Features to Look For

Research vendors that have experience in your industry. This can enable you to get the most experienced representatives on the phones without a substantial on-boarding expense. A full-service virtual call center solution offers an array of services, from setting appointments and finding sales leads to market segmentation and analysis. Ask about their flexibility to scale up or down, based on your annual or seasonal needs.