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3 Benefits of Using a Call Center

The phone lines at a medical office typically ring constantly. It can be difficult for office staff to keep up with the call volume and also assist patients who are there in person. A remote receptionist can resolve this problem. You can opt for automated systems that send calls and make appointments so that your patients never have to worry about getting through.

1. Handles Scheduling
Call center services can assist with basic office functions such as scheduling patient appointments or any other task that doesn’t require medical training to address. Call centers often operate 24 hours a day. This allows patients to request appointments when the clinic is busy or even closed. Patients can call at a time that is most convenient for them.

2. Takes Messages
For questions that do require specific medical knowledge, a remote receptionist can offer an automated voicemail system. This system helps keep track of patient concerns and can alert the doctor or nurse who needs to return the call. A reliable voicemail system allows you to address patient concerns in a consistent and timely manner.

3. Makes Automated Calls
Another task that a call center can take on is reminder calls for appointments. An automated program can send calls or texts to remind patients of their upcoming appointments without the office staff having to take the time to call each person individually. Reminders jog the patients’ memories and thus reduce the number of no-shows that occur when people forget their appointments. Having an automated service make the calls also frees up the office staff to better serve patients when they arrive for their visit.

No matter how efficient the members of your medical office staff are, a remote receptionist can have many benefits. Using a call center for simple tasks such as scheduling and reminders keeps their time free to provide better face-to-face service for the patients in your office.